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Cockpit Arts, Cockpit Yard, Northington Street
London, WC1N 2NP

Handmade London based jewellery brand Bespoke commissions wedding, engagement and luxury jewels.


WHO I am Niza Huang, and I am Taiwanese. My quirky style of creativity is manifested in my organic jewellery design and my paintings.

WHAT For love: Getting outdoors camping and going wild, cooking weird combination food, going to gigs and music festivals, riding my little bike around the city down new routes. For money: I normally make a living from selling my jewellery and random odd jobs.
For creative expression: I love painting, making art works and designing things like bags, clothes and accessories.

WHY I am driven by need to be expressive, to be original, to be identified as unique, to create my Nizaland.

WHEN I started my jewellery course at Sheffield Hallam University at 2006.

WHERE I am based in London, after I graduated from Sheffield Hallam, I moved down to London. London is a very vibrant city to start my business.

LIKES Cocorosie, ligature magazine, gentle monster, forest, irregular

DISLIKES crowds, human beings, being told what to do, fascists and those who claim not to be.